Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rude awakening

I don’t have room for more love in me
But I’m a fancy licker

I sit behind you and do those things you never dreamt of
Rude, but not imposing

And you come, and come
Then I purge you, blackout

You yell and you sigh and you sing
I play along the cord

Your’e muscle, your’e clam
It secretes a vague dream

Senseless and alive
I don’t need to touch you anymore

You are already there

Friday, January 06, 2006

Treasure hunt

The most exquisite works of art that I know: any category

It's imbedded in the text - go find might as well, since you got this far

  • Willem von Haeght, "The Gallery", 17th century
  • Pablo Picasso, "Celestine", 1904
  • Annette Messager, "Birdknits", 1970
  • Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, "Die Gähler", 17th century
  • Johanna Eklund, "Death Row", 1999
  • Alexandra Exter, "The City", 1913
  • Ale Stenar, 2000 bc
  • Ayako Nago, "Burning Sock", 1999
  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo, "The Librarian", 16th century
  • Kiki Smith, "Tale", 1993
  • Stephen Procter, "Vessel", 1987
  • Leonardo da Vinci, "Tavola Doria", 15th century
  • Louise Bourgeois, "Je Taime", 1984
  • Rebecca Horn, "Homage Buster Keaton", 1989
  • René Lalique, "Peacocks", 1901
  • Willhelm Hammershoi, "Interior", 1899
  • Meret Oppenheim, "Ma gouvernante", 1936
  • Caravaggio, "The incredulity of St. Thomas", 1602
  • James Turell, "Stroboscope", 1990
  • Franciso Goya, "The Witches", 1800


Lucio Fontana
Concetto Spaziale Attese
(Slashed painting)
Oil on canvas

If I were to put two artworks together, I would like to take the text from Barbara Kruger's 80's work and plonk it together with Lucio Fontana's 60's painting above.
The result would be an artwork called: "Someone wants to slash a hole in you and fuck you through it...buddy"

That would be an appropriation of sorts. Wait until I get my hands on a Van Gogh.


I'm not here
but still you felt me

I've moved on, into the text
and still you heard me

I ran away
and still you cried for me

I never intended
and still you sued me

I crashed the machine
and still you punched the dashboard

I got lost
and still you look for me

I was lucky
and still you hated me

I came home
and still you did all the things above